Japanese Vocab: Fruits


いちご (ichigo) - strawberry
みかん (mikan)  - orange
すいか(suika) - watermelon
バナナ(banana) - banana
りんご(ringo) - apple
メロン (meron) - melon
パイナップル (painappuru) - pineapple
レモン (remon) - lemon
ぶどう(budou) - grapes
なし(nashi) - pear
もも(momo) - peach
さくらんぼ(sakuranbo) - cherry
すもも(sumomo) - plum


Here's a Hetalia one!Happy Earth Day!


Here's a Hetalia one!
Happy Earth Day!


The Girls - Mikasa, Christa/Historia, Ymir, Carla, Hange, Sasha, cross dressing!Levi and others (includes cross dressing, female versions, and trans* characters)

          - xyeager - Mikasa Ackerman (four from left on first picture)
          - faire-le-pont - Sasha Braus (seven/eight from left on first picture)
          - stridernostrifing - Cross Dressing!Levi (six from left on second picture)
          - askhumanitestitanlover - Hange Zoe (five from left on second picture)
          - arseniccatnip98 - Hange Zoe (three from left on second picture)
          - Other cosplayer information needed

I’m sorry for some of the people cut out. If you know you are there and can’t see you, I’d still like to tag you in there so let me know!

I’m the Krista in the first picture on the very far left! The smallest one!



Since I’ve gotten a lot of new followers, are there anythings you need me to tag?


Since I’ve gotten a lot of new followers, are there anythings you need me to tag?


bunny spains!

Happy Easter!

4:20 on 4/20„, amazing„,

4:20 on 4/20„, amazing„,

thank you so much!! what brands of concealer would you suggest?

Clinique for a better concealer/ foundation. It’s expensive at the mall but pretty cheap and good at Walgreens or any other place

Also for another concealer, I use Almay! It makes your skin healthy and not dry.

And if anything is to dark for your skin, use water to lighten it, I’m not very sure what to do if it’s too light?

Sei Bella is a good compressed powder!

in late fall-spring it's kinda like a light carboard (idk how to describe it rly) but in summer its more like almond or acornish,,

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